06 Dec 2015 @ 7:17 AM 

You Don’t Have to Suffer With Other’s Negative Energy or Emotions 

If you’ve ever had the experience of easily feeling other people’s emotional states, and are able to feel subtle spiritual or emotional energy, then the chances are that you are an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person.

If you’re an empath or sensitive person, you will generally have the following traits:

* You are a good listener, often a magnet for other people’s stories.
* You feel emotions deeply and cry easily, often for no reason.
* You have good intuition, especially when it comes to other people.
* You may often become over-stimulated in public places like malls.

Although the Complete Empath Toolkit series is described as being for empaths or highly sensitive people, you don’t have to identify with either of those words or labels to benefit from this information.


Powerful energy ‘tune-up’ exercises that take only seconds
The healthiest position to place the body to release negative energy
The best foods to promote grounding
How to harness the power of the breath

Powerful energy ‘tune-up’ exercises that take only seconds
Creating your own personal shield


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