22 Dec 2016 @ 10:58 AM 

Treat and Prevent Shoulder Injuries

You may feel frustrated because of the long-term pain you have been experiencing in your shoulders due to frozen shoulder, impingement, rotator cuff tears, etc. 

More and more people like yourself are coming to learn that surgery is not always the best solution for shoulder pain.

More often than not the issue can be addressed with proper stretching and shoulder strengthening exercises.

Even if you do go through surgery the pre and post rehab of the shoulder muscles using this exercise system will bring you back to normal functioning more quickly and with less chance of re-injury.

Discover this:

Being Pilates-based means that the exercises are done with the principles of:

control, precision, breathing,focus,concentration
Stretching exercises specific to the shoulder
Stabilizing exercises so you strengthen the deeper core muscles of the shoulder girdle

The strength exercises utilize dumbbells and stretch bands for resistance when you are ready
Detailed Descriptions of why you are doing the exercises and how to do the exercises correctly

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