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The Path to Wisdom is hard, sinuous, difficult, but rewarding. For centuries people have been abused by scam artists selling snake oil and other miracle fountains of youth! That was possible at a time when ignorance was the rule and information hard to get. In the last few decades however scientific understanding of the aging process has made considerable progress.

Sadly enough this information often stays in laboratories where companies are trying to develop miracle instant pills that will make them immensely rich. This is the quest for instant external solutions. And yet we now know that the majority of illnesses, specially chronic diseases of old age like cancers, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes, and others can be prevented by healthy life styles.

Even a few minor changes in nutrition, physical activity and mind fitness can add many healthy years to your life. With new discoveries made all the time, better understanding of the role of stem cells, the advances in gene therapy and other health enhancing techniques, every additional healthy year you live can make even more life extension possible for you.

You just have to keep learning and make good use of non invasive proven measures that turn back the aging clock. They are today’s reality. The information is available to all in libraries, on the Internet, everywhere. Keep studying. In this eCourse I’ll show you fascinating ways to turn back the aging clock that really work.

(This is an extract from the Smart Wellness Energy eCourse that you can test for free by just clicking this link)

There is an aspect of prevention that I believe is even more important than just avoiding the pain, suffering and limitations of being sick. I’m talking about the possibility to live your dreams.

Imagine all you will be able to do later in life, if you have been smart enough to live healthy and full of vitality, able to say “I’m not as old as I used to be!”. at each of the life marker events – finishing school, first grown-up job, marriage, parenthood, empty nest, retirement – there will be no boundaries to your dreams.

Planning a Happy Future

Start planning now! It will help you take action and make the life adjustments needed to start your Smart Aging Program.

Which of my dreams do I want to realize first?
What is the first small step I can make right now to start?
Does this dream make use of my unique gifts and talents?
How do I visualize myself living this dream?
What skill do I need to acquire to reach this goal?
When do I start?

Life on this earth does not exist for you outside here and now. Your mind is very good at remembering past reality as you perceived it. It is also good at imagining possible futures. But your mind is only a part of you, a tool to help you survive. Thanks to its capacity to simulate reality, it is a great survival tool.

Your mind however is just a simulator. Think of it as a toy you can play with. Don’t take it too seriously! Have fun using it! But respect and nurture its incredible power. I’ll show you later that you have total control over what you think. You can achieve whatever you believe you can. So what do you really want to do with the rest of your life?

Most people have no life plan. They are caught in a maelstrom of events, they believe they have no control over, and live a life of quiet desperation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and you have the power to make it whatever you want, as long you learn and apply the laws of Personal Achievement and the ten Laws of Smart Aging.

Most people have a reaction of fear when they are asked to look inside at the meaning of their live and yet thousands of years ago, Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living”. A global check up on one’s life is the beginning of revival and the start of rebuilt confidence. Anyone can change for the better with the proper strategies.

As long as you live, you have the power to change who you are, what you do, what you have, and what contribution you offer to this world. But it all starts in your mind. Fitness of your mind is as important as fitness of your body, as both build your character, the ultimate strength for any achievement. Accept for now my word that you have total control over what you think. You can also learn how to control your States of Mind, your emotional states. You will discover that they make the difference between success and failure.

When you choose a worthy Major Life Purpose, your whole perspective on life changes. You become the instrument of a cause bigger than yourself and, as such, all your limitations and past failures become the solid ground on which you start creating the rest of your life.

This sounds great, but how do you define your “Major Life Purpose”? Start from your talents and natural gifts. They make you unique in this world. The more you develop and nurture them, the happier you will be and the better you can serve others. When you do that, you become a better person, your doubts on your self worth vanish. You reach a state of firm determination and enthusiasm: You are ready to take action and become the best you can be.

The most important part of this way of thinking is that you discover how precious your life is. You look at yourself with awe. You are a miracle! And indeed you are. You start respecting and loving this body, mind and spirit of yours. You stop destroying yourself with your unhealthy habits.

How could you impair your life mission with such stupid things as smoking, binging, doing drugs or falling pray to any addiction that in the end will destroy your health and shorten your life? Destructive addictions come from the feeling that deep inside you dislike and disrespect yourself. You don’t believe that you are worth much. In fact as so many people you need to start loving yourself, the key to loving others and savor life.

You believe that instant gratification is the best you can get from your own life. You live as if there were no tomorrow and, sadly enough, you might soon be right! But that’s not you. That’s just the result of all the negative programming of your mind that occurred over time. You can change it. I’ll show you later how to do that.

Major Life Purpose

The best way to find your Major Life Purpose is to ask questions. Start asking as many questions as you can. Why not open your preferred word processor right now and start making lists, long lists of questions.

What do I like most?
What I am really good at?
What was the experience I enjoyed most helping others?
What did I like most doing it?
What cause can I embrace with passion?
What do I want most? Harmony in human relationships, freedom from fear, excitement, fame, love, wealth, power?

You will soon realize that you feel best when you create a balanced life. Any aspect of your life interferes with the others. If you overdo work, your family life suffers. If you overeat, your body suffers. If you stop learning, your mind atrophies. More generally if you do not maintain your optimum level of health, any pleasure is diminished. If you are not an active member of your community, you lose the pleasure of social interaction.

For any aspect of your life that you neglect or over emphasize, you pay a heavy price. It can be emotional like feeling guilty, physical like building over time an unhealthy body, financial or of any other nature, but you pay a price and it reduces your potential for success.

In the end, any imbalance in your life decreases your level of happiness and even reduces your potential longevity. But when you have defined your Major Life Purpose, everything changes. You have to be your best to succeed. This happens when you apply the 10 Laws of Smart Aging, creating the best possible personal conditions and environment:

A balanced life, as a solid foundation
A sound mind in a healthy body
A Major Life Purpose

You see, over time you have developed all sorts of survival mechanisms. You discovered that habits simplify your life. Some habits are good, some are bad. Some help you achieve your goals, some destroy or limit your potential for success. The end result is what make them good or bad. Just don’t measure their value in terms of instant gratification.

Alcohol, for instance, might relax you when you drink some, but each glass destroys hundreds of thousands of nerve cells that are never replaced by new ones, contrary to muscle or other kinds of cells that are constantly renewed. There are healthier ways to relax. You don’t need external chemicals as emotional crutches to get rid of tension.

So you first need to make a sort of global check up and decide to eliminate your bad habits. They are the equivalent of the bad cholesterol in your arteries. They keep accumulating and are a sure plan for disaster. They take a lot of space in your life and spend energy that you can use for better purposes.

The best way I know to get rid of bad habits is to replace a bad habit with a good one. Say one of your dreams is to cross the finish line of a Marathon. This might not be one of your personal dreams, but let us use this as an example.

Suppose also that you are a heavy smoker. Do you really think that you can run over 42 kilometers with all the tar and poisonous chemicals you have accumulated in your lungs, blocking the normal circulation of oxygen to your blood and impairing all the other processes required to bring the cells of your body the nutrients they need to run a whole Marathon?

So the first thing you do is stop smoking, and replace this destructive habit with a good one like walking and then jogging regularly, swimming or doing anything that restores your original breathing capacity or even improves it.

There are many techniques that work to stop smoking. The most important factor is motivation. Unless you keep focusing on the benefits of stopping smoking to improve the quality of your life, you will most probably continue to smoke. The healthy balance of your body has been destroyed by your chemical dependency to nicotine. You now function in a sort of degraded state, in which the only way to feel “normal” is to light up a cigarette. If smoking is a habit you personally want to get rid of , click here.

Most addictions work the same, be they about food, drugs or destructive behaviors. So the first thing to do is to clean up the mess. Get rid of these habits that seemed OK at a time, and now make realizing your full life potential difficult or even impossible. The power of a cleanup session applies to all aspects of life.

Think of time. Most probably as many people today you feel you never have enough time to do all the things you want. Yet when you study carefully how you spend the hours of a single day, you can see that there are many hours lost in futile activities you could simply stop like watching TV or others and invest in important projects or goals. Time management is really self management.

Think of your health. You can considerably improve your health simply by stopping feeding yourself with junk food. Make some place for nutrient rich fruits and vegetable. Give up packaged food. You’ll feel better and your immune system will be stronger.

The most important domain for a clean up session is your mind. How much energy do you spend worrying about the future? When you learn how to get rid of your worries, you liberate a fabulous amount of creativity to reach your goals. Worries are also like the bad cholesterol in your arteries, they clutter your brains and stop the flow of creative thinking.

I’ve seen many people live and die. I have always been sadden by the gap between what they did with their life and what they could have done, had they had a better understanding of their own potential. If only they had applied these simple rules, they would have enjoyed more happiness and brought to this world a more meaningful contribution.

The 10 Laws of Smart Aging apply to you as an individual. They assume that you are responsible for your life. They constitute a global framework and bring happiness and longevity when applied together. Following them, you will enjoy optimal wellness and reach your full life potential.

By doing so you will discover that your relations with others improve significantly, as you feel love and compassion for them. They are, just as you, on the route to self realization at whatever stage they might be.

Laws of Smart Aging

So here are the 10 Laws of Smart Aging. Apply them, they will change your life for the better:

1. Have a dream; without a dream, people die slowly

2. Love and respect yourself as others

3. Learn how to master your States of Mind

4. Replace destructive habits with life enhancing ones

5. Create a balanced life where all major aspects are taken care of

6. Practice Health Prevention to protect your most valuable asset, your health

7. Create your own way; don’t follow the crowd

8. Keep growing mind, muscles, and spirit as long as you live

9. Choose your lifestyle. It is more important than your genes

10. Nurture your unique talents and gifts

The feeling that everything is difficult and that you are lost on this planet usually comes from a mismatch between your dreams and your Self Image. The image of yourself that you built over time has been polluted by all the negative programming you received earlier in life. You have integrated as absolutely true beliefs like “You can’t do that!”, “You’re not good enough!”, “You’re too small!” and thousands of similar messages sent to you by your parents and fellow human beings.

So if you want to change your life you have to reassess your own value and realize your real potential.

It will take a lot of courage and energy that you did not know you had. Dreams and ideals do not come randomly. Everyone has different ones. They come as a sign that you can realize them.

Most of the time however obstacles seem insurmountable and the programming of your mind makes you believe that you do not have the power to make your own dreams come true. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Let me prove it to you. Now is the time to take action. Just start writing in as much details as possible what you would like to be in ten years. You will see the awesome power of your mind. With it you can create the very person you become and, by doing so, your own future. Develop your own Smart Aging Program now whatever your age. The sooner you begin the better.

Smart Aging Program

1- Identify a worthy goal
2- List all the benefits of achieving this goal
3- List obstacles to overcome
4- List the skills I need
5- Identify people who can help me
6- Set a deadline
7- Write a step by step plan of action
8- Define a small reward for each step
9- Make the first step, get its reward and enjoy the process till I achieve this goal

The most important experience of your life is to establish a spiritual ideal. The first step is the conception, the inspiration, the awakening to the possibility of something new. Then comes incubation, the time to accumulate energies. Finally when the moment is right, the inspiration starts to materialize.

Your peak moments in life provide clues about your core spiritual ideal. It might have been a moment when you were out in nature, when you felt a special tenderness or when you acted with loving selflessness.

You have the power to build a paradise through your thoughts, attitudes and actions. By giving yourself to an ideal, you allow it to change you. Learn how to love and respect yourself: you are a miracle of nature, the most complex living being known so far with an unlimited potential for growth.

Date Posted: 21 Dec 2015 @ 6:50 AM
Last Modified: 06 Feb 2017 @ 10:04 PM
Posted By: Boris Clair

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